Best of Gift Giving

The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God...Luke 2:20

     All the little shepherd boy had was his flute and a song in his heart for the little Lord Jesus laying in the hay. The tune was his best gift to give the newborn child. As he played the lullaby, the little lamb of God settled into His new surroundings with a glow that reflected the bright star above. Not a moo nor a meow interrupted the soft melody of the boy's breathless muse. 

    Mary added another moment to treasure and ponder in the wonders of the Messiah's celebrated birth.  

   Jesus, the Son came to stretch out His arms on the cross that day as He laid in the hay. His birth was the beginning of making a way for us to join Him in eternity someday. 

    We may not have a flute to play like the little shepherd boy nor gold or fragrant oils like the wise men of old. Nevertheless, a gift from our hearts is always a treasure. 

    A moment of praise is a priceless gift to give the King who left His throne to atone for our sins. 

And Faith! 
   Faith in Him is a gift to Him as well as a bounty to the giver. 

Faith overflows with benefits.

May you be aware of the gift of Lord’s favor throughout  2020!      

Uplifting blessings,

Merry Christmas!


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