TeaCup Programs

TeaCup Living 
 is about steeping in 
fellowship, serving with simple hospitality and creating opportunities to brag on Jesus.  

It's about giving others Time, Encouragement, and Acceptance in Christ's Uplifting Presence. 

We, "Practice hospitality."
Romans 12:13

Hebrews 4:16

Learn how to brag on Jesus in five minutes or less. 

Bragging on Jesus 
with ease and confidence

Experience simple steps on how to share your testimonies in five minutes or less. 
Our stories give others hope, encouragement, and proof that Christ is active in our lives

Jesus said, "Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 
Matthew 10:32

How to serve tranquility with simple hospitality tips.
Steep in a personal pause that refreshes. 

Scripture base: Hebrews

Manners Matter 
in Building Relationships
Confidence comes when we know the guidelines of manners, etiquette, and social graces. Carolyn shares the secrets of how to apply these skills with ease, warmth, and friendliness. She reveals creative ways to remember the roadmap to handling any overstuffed dining table and how to avoid faux pas. This tutorial is a refresher for some and an unveiling for others. This favorite program at mother/daughter teas touches upon conversation starters too. With confidence in knowing how to handle one’s surroundings, then meaningful conversations bring about deeper connections.  
Scripture base: Hebrews 

Carolyn is certified by the Protocol School of Washington in fine dining, business etiquette, and international protocol. Nevertheless, she brags on Jesus for his refining her. He took her from an abandoned child who begged for food, ate with her hands out of trash-cans as well as stealing food for herself and younger brothers to a lady serving others with grace as she teaches, encourages, and equips others to share the great things he has done in their lives. 

If you are seeking an uplifting Christian speaker 
contact Carolyn at 864-752-5230
or email her at knefelyc@gmail.com
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