The Big Dipper is My TeaCup

God gave me the Big Dipper for my 70th birthday present. I’d known since I was seven years old that God had given me a full cup of His love when He answered my prayer asking Him to let me be His little girl. 

My mother had abandoned my younger brothers and me when I was five. Our step-mother told me she tried to give me away to my mother’s family but no one wanted me without my brothers then she told me that my mother didn’t want me, my father doesn’t want me and for sure she didn’t want me. 

Nonetheless, I knew Jesus loved me because of the song the Vacation Bible School ladies taught us. “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.” Along with this song and the dark blue felt board Gospel stories, I knew to go to God for love, comfort, and acceptance. 

The day of my 70th birthday, I woke up with joy. I asked God to celebrate my birthday with me. It was my plan to look for His gifts especially for me through out the day. I wasn’t disappointed. 

Before I had my first cup of tea, I took our miniature long haired doxie out in the backyard for his morning constitutional. The stars were like diamond chips on a black velvet sky. They just seemed to sparkle extra bright and then I saw the Big Dipper. It’s handle seem to almost reach down to touch the horizon. I felt like I could reach out and take hold of it. 

As I paused in the wonder of God’s creation, I felt within my soul God said to me that the Big Dipper was my teacup. It was filled with His love for me. This was my first birthday gift for the day. It was huge!

Immediately, I made a birthday wish. I can’t wait for Abba to fulfill it. All I can say, because I can’t tell a birthday wish, is that the desire will be part of bringing God glory and a gift to Him from my heart. 

I’ve seen how big and full God’s love is for me specially on this birthday when I saw the Big Dipper sparkle in the dark sky.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14
 is my birthday wish for each one of you on your special day. 

Keep an eye out for the gift God has for you. 

What’s the biggest gift God gave you? Have you ever woke up with so much joy that you asked God to share the day with you? What happened? 

Uplifting Blessings, 



Cathy Baker said…
Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Mine is Saturday and your words, your perspective, refreshed my view on aging another year. Thank you for this gift. (My first gift for my birthday. :)
Ellen Andersen said…
Happy birthday Carolyn! What a wonderful way to look at the Big Dipper first thing in the morning. I've always loved how God speaks to me through his creation.
Jeanne Doyon said…
Happy birthday. And His Big Dipper Cup never runs dry! I just turned 59 in June and this year the Lord also spoke a word over me. Amia came to mind while praying. When I looked it up it means, BELOVED. What a sweet feeling to know He calls me His beloved and says: Be-Loved sweet daughter.
Thank you, Carolyn, for speaking sweet words over those you love.
Carolyn Knefely said…
God speaks to us in so many ways. We hear and see His wonder when ever we take time to listen and look. Thanks for the birthday wish, Ellen.
Carolyn Knefely said…
Cathy, may your new year be filled with joy and adventures in Christ's uplifting presence. Write on!
Carolyn Knefely said…
God doesn't always wait for birthdays or holidays to give us surprising gifts. Yet, His birthday gift to you for this year's birthday is quite a treasure. His loving words are so reassuring. A private word from Him does come most often when we visit with Him in prayer. Pray on!
mviscuse said…
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Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Carolyn! What a lovely gift to treasure! I love all of the creative ways He shows His love for us. Sending you birthday blessings and love! Keep shining, Beautiful! Love, Michelle V.
Carolyn Knefely said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Michelle. May your speaking ministry continue to bring God glory and encourage women in their relationship with Him. Speak on!

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