Monday, May 14, 2018

Serenity in the Shelter of the Savior

Spring is here with buds, blossoms, and storms. 

Warnings are splashed across the TV screen. 
Thunder rattles the windows. 
Fear tries to fill my heart. 

Whispers of scriptures begin to patter down 
like soft rain to remind me 
where to take shelter. 

As the lighting flashes, the thunder roars, 
and the TV goes black; 
calm replaced my fear. 

 There is serenity in the shelter of the Savior’s scriptures.
My heart is fortified as I ponder 
His faithfulness to shield. 

Storms may brew so strong that windows rattle, 
yet fear will flee 
because scripture pours out 
serenity in me. 

At times questions are like buds that causes us to blossom
when we seek answers in our life storms. Let us ponder budding questions and the fertile scriptures which produce fragrant answers.

Where do I run to when storms darken my life? 

What scripture is my life-line of serenity

When did serenity overcome fear as I rested in the shelter of Jesus Christ, my Savior

Your comments are always treasured.    

Uplifting blessings,