Monday, September 17, 2012

TeaCup Living Muses

On dark and dreary days holding on to a teaCup and sipping the brown brew, quiets my spirit and warms my soul.

In the quiet moments of holding the teaCup in my hands, I begin to pour out prayers in an informal conversation to the King of kings.

As I envision Him on His throne next to His Majestic Father, I know He is pausing with me for He leans forward to listen not only to my words but to my heart as well.

The times spent in those moments are truly filled with time, encouragement, acceptance in Christ’s uplifting presence.

Though my surroundings may be dark and dreary, I’m renewed from going to the Light that sits on the throne of my life.

Why do I wait for dark and dreary days for such intimate moments that are available every day?
A cracked pot lets the Light of the Lord
            show through if it is filled with stories
                        of the great and glorious things
                                    He has done.

A cracked cup has leaked out
            the love of the Lord
                        one drop at a time.

The saucer is there to catch
            the love and keep the
                        believer comfortable
                                    and unscalded.

A teaCup is a container to hold-
            a great treasure to behold-
but if not used to strengthen and renew
then what use is it other than to collect dust?

The joy is in the name that reminds us of its true value…
a teaCup 
meaning being in 
Christ's uplifting presence
sharing the message of His amazing grace.

                     Uplifting Blessings,
Let God be exalted.      Psalm 70:4