Friday, August 12, 2011

A Book Junky in the Making


Being a book junky causes me to do strange things, such as keeping an extra plastic grocery bag or two stashed in my car, so I can smuggle in books along with groceries is one of the crazy things I do. This is premeditated deception so I can feed my fix.

There are books hidden in the pantry, in the guest room drawers, and in plain sight displaced in fancy bathroom baskets. My husband says I have enough as he see the eight bookcases are over stuffed and I'm trying to cram in one more.

How can one have to many books? Each book is a author who has taken time to tell a story or share information? Who can have too many entertaining and teaching friends? A book is a part of a person held between a front and back cover.

The best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) thing I've done as a book junky is to give our youngest grandson a taste of this addition by taking him to a booksigning afternoon tea!

With his special challenges, I didn't know how wise this outing would be. Taking any eight year old boy to a formal tea was a risk.

But a local book store called Fiction Addition had a perfect set up downtown at a renowned cafe' for tea and manners tutoring for young kids. They served grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in small bite size shapes for savories. Lined baskets filled with waved potato chips with salad tongs replaced sweet breads and scones. The mini cupcakes with icing crowning their tops were offered by our host, Ms. Jill Hendrix on a beautiful plate. Punch and hot chocolate filled the tea cups. The menu was perfect for the girls and boys too. They gobbled it all up. They applied the manners the author taught before eating and drinking began.

What a delight it was to see our grandson dab his mouth a few times as he was taught; but, still leaving the chocolate mustache behind. The long linen covered table held over twenty kids, moms and grandmothers. No loud noises, all dressed in their best, and the art of conversation did out shined the rest.

Our grandson became hooked on his new book when the author read her story about a dragon and a princess on a quest to find good manners. Before leaving, the author wrote a personalized note in the front of Luke's book.

A new book junky in the making, this book junky does some good things too.

Do you have a special book you can remember that became your special friend or changed your life? Share the title with me, please. I've created a new space for another bookcase...a junky can never have enough treasured friends.


Photo: baby pix PHOTOGRAPHY

The book: A Quest for Good Manners by Karin Lefranc

The book store: Fiction Addiction