Saturday, November 12, 2011

Savoring the Silence

Life has been like boiling water the last few months. Creating a new Web site for Christian Communicators with my partner Vonda Skelton, along with hosting a week at the Christian Communicators conference, has left little energy for posting here. Forgive me, dear friends.

Like a teabag steeping in steamy water, I gave my all to refresh others. But now, I’ve had time to pause, to brew a cup of delight, and savor the silence at the Good Shepherd’s feet.

There’s no greater place to pause with a teaCup in hand than in silence. Remember my meaning for teaCup? It means enjoying time, encouragement, acceptance in Christ’s uplifting presence.

After rejoicing in having had the opportunity to feed Christ’s sheep through teaching etiquette, purpose boarding, writing purpose statements, and how to break-through barriers. I’m savoring silence over a teaCup and thinking of you.

What is it that I can serve you in these posts?

I’m not one who likes to chatter with pen and ink or typing on a blank screen. Writing on purpose to fill a need, a want, or a desire requested of me is more my style. What information or story may I serve you?

At a formal tea there are three main food types:

Savories – finger sandwiches
Sweet breads – scones, muffins, and simple loaves
Sweet treats – cakes, petit fours, and candies

My goal is to serve three main areas of information for you dear guest. However to bring you what you want, I need know what to bring to you.

What type of information would you like to bite into about etiquette?
What substantial teaching would fill your needs in adding professional polish?
What tasty treat in story telling would you like to hear about situations and relationships in the home, workplace, or community?

The boiling water in my life has cold down. The silence was refreshing. Now I await your comment on what you would like to be served through TeaCup Living postings.

Uplifting blessings, dear friends.