Come Shine In Our Darkness

Inspired by Psalm 80

O Shepherd, we have wandered away from You. 
Hear our pleading bellows as destruction is all around us. 
We are not without sin. 
You are not without mercy. 

Once upon a cross, you showed how much You love us. 
Once we were in a country that shouted, “In God we trust.”
Under Your faithful protection, we wandered far away with thoughts of our own of “In myself I trust.”

Distance has taken us into darkness. 
Darkness has led us into slaughter. 
Without Your presence and shining light, we will be no more. 

Come among us once more! 
You who go for one lost lamb,
Arrive in the center of this despair to light our way back to Your ways.
Our heart’s desire is to sin no more.

Arrive with Your shining light. 
Restore us, O Shepherd of the Light. 

Our tears are bitter.
Our thirst for You is sweet. 
From our feet, we fall to our knees to beseech You to restore us to a nation of “In God we trust.” 

In this dark place, fires burn to harm — not too warm. 
Our protectors are being mowed down by the shadows of doom. 
Our armies are held in a pause to wait for wicked powers to allow destruction to dance in our streets. 
While in the wait, may we believers wrap our warriors in prayers for wisdom, strength to resist mayhem, and protection from evil forces. 

As we bend our knees in prayer, lift our voices to declare where safety abounds, peace resides, and restoration begins; 
Come Shining, Saving Shepherd. 
Cause Your face to shine on us once more. 
Your presence is the difference maker here on earth. 

The Light of the Lord lifts up. 

Come together and pause in prayer for one another. Then His light will shine upon us. This is  

Let's pass on His grace and we too will shine in the darkness. 

America, let's steep in unity and grace. Let's shine with acceptance once again. That's 

Inspired by Psalm 80 

Uplifting blessings,


Lovely words, lovely pictures, and what a lovely Savior.
Carolyn Knefely said…
So pleased you loved the words that God pour through me to share in the post.
May you shine on in the light of the Lord.
Danie Marie said…
Aw, Sweet Carolyn,

It has been far to long since I've been in blog land and read your post. What a powerful message in these days of calamity. I only recently started posting on my blog. It was at the Lord's urging that I started again, after being away since 2014. Your words warm my heart.

Miss you, friend.
Judi Meadows aka Danie Marie
Carolyn Knefely said…
What a blessing to hear from you, Danie. Good to hear you’re writing again. I miss your beautiful smile and uplifting joy. May the favor of God be with you as you renew your writing career. Write on!

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