A Gnome Tea Party

Fellowship with a friend is a gift we give ourselves, especially over a teacup. 

All tea parties do not require fancy dress, make-up, or a crowd. 

Not long ago, I had a house guest. She and her husband are global travelers. They’ve seen places that I’ve only heard of, done adventurous things I could only imagine, so what unknown territory could I take her on in upstate South Carolina? 

First of all, our friends came for fellowship, and to offer counsel for caring for my aging mother. Our friendship has over thirty years of victories, crises, and loyalty. Only God can give such a gift. 

So, to make a memorable moment with my friend that I knew she would not experience anywhere else in the world, I set her down in my office to a tea time she will never forget. It was so much fun that I wanted to share the unusual tea party with you. 

Our dress was pajamas. Our makeup was none. Our teacups were favorite mugs. We didn’t have any sweets, scones, or savories. However, we did have 25 pounds of dry
Steeping in scripture warms the soul. 

What do two ladies do with 25 pounds of rice and two cups of steeping hot tea? They make Gnomes

Yes, it was an adventure my friend had never been on nor ever imagined. After the shock and grumbling that she wasn’t gifted in making things, I showed her a couple of bearded characters I’d made earlier while we sipped our brew

A year-around gift to make with ease. 

The end result was filled with giggles, burnt fingers, cold tea, and characters we made who we would never have invited to a tea party. 


Dollar store has most of the supplies!
Gnomes are easy to make. The supplies are few. Most of the supplies can be picked up at a dollar store. No sewing! A glue gun makes it simple to pop these guys together. Kids gain confidence in making these ideal teacher gifts

How to Make a gnome. 

Supplies needed: *white small anklet socks *colorful socks *tiny rubber bands *wood beads *faux fur (1/4 yard is plenty) *yarn *glue gun *glue sticks *scissors *rice 


Fill small anklet sock with long grain rice and close with a rubber band. 
Cut color sock at the ankle and stuff the bottom of sock with the stuffed white sock. Close with a rubber band
Cap the stuffed covered base with a hat made from a top, bottom, or full sock. This will give you an idea of what kind of beard you want to glue on the base. 

Tip: Faux fur should be cut from the back with a razor blade to avoid fur fuzz all over the place. Besides, it makes a better beard. The exception is if the desire is to have a clean looking mustache then after cutting a rectangle from the faux fur with a razor, a scissor cut on the front of the fur piece is best.

Cut a triangle shape for the beard and a second piece in a rectangle for the mustache. Glue the beard on first and glue the mustache over the top of the beard. 

Glue a bead for the nose in the center of the mustache. Add glue dabs on each side of the nose. Pull sock hat slightly over the nose and hold until dry. Holding the sides down with toothpicks saves burnt fingers. 

Gnomes are fun to make. 
Each gnome becomes a unique character who makes for a great guest at a tea party with a friend

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
2 Corinthians 13:14

Uplifting blessings always,


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