T-shirt Necklace for a Teens Tea-time

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Tea-time is always a fun get-together. Adding an activity to a tween or teen tea makes it extra special. 

Making T-shirt necklaces is easy, quick, and does not require any sewing. Below are the basic steps. 

1. Pick up a T-shirt or more at Goodwill. The key to success is to make sure the T-shirt is seamless on the sides!

Pick lively colors

2. Smooth out the T-shirt on a flat surface with the bottom edges matching. 

3. Cut a straight line from arm pit to arm pit. Double thickness is best. 

4. Cut off the hem. Discard hem and pieces above the arm pits. 

5. Smooth out remaining center piece which will be double in thickness. Cut from rounded side to rounded side about an inch wide.  Note: Less than an inch will make a thinner loop while more than an inch width will result in a broader necklace loop. 

6. Place thumbs inside a fabric loop and stretch arms as wide as possible. The T-shirt fabric will automatically roll into a tighty loop. Wear multi-loops in similar or contrasting colors for a necklace. 

7. If braiding is desire, then cut one end of three loops and braid them together. Close braid by tying ends together or hand stitch for a smooth look. 

T-shirt necklace craft is a great ice breaker for mother/daughter tea-time talks too. 

May the joy of the Lord be with you all, 



Cathy Baker said…
Just when I thought I had you figured out you go and surprise me by being crafty too. :) You're one talented woman, Carolyn. Thanks for sharing this idea!
Carolyn Knefely said…
Cathy, you made me laugh. Making another laugh from what they read is a sign of a GOOD writer.
Write on!

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