Make a friend while serving T-time E-encouragement A-acceptance. 

Did you know that sharing T.E.A. with an acquaintance or stranger can result in making a friend

What is T.E.A. besides a warm brew in a cup? T.E.A. is giving another person your Time, Encouragement, and Acceptance. 

I've moved 20 times since I've been married. One way for me to make friends in new places was to host teas. Another way was to invite a stranger to meet me for tea at a bakery. No matter the place, making friends was easy with the T.E.A. practice. 

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.   Hebrews 13:2

By giving others time to talk in a comfy corner with a warm brew broke down barriers. Other times, a cold shoulder melted when I offered kind words of encouragement. Engaging in acceptance with someone I just met opened opportunities for our conversations to go from superficial to meaningful in areas of shopping, schools, and faith.  

T.E.A. is good with old friends too. Friends are gifts we give ourselves. Best friends are gifts from God. May your life be overflowing with gifts of friendship. They are worth making.

What's your method of making friends? 

If there's a 21st move in my future, your insight would be an encouragement to treasure.  

Note:  National Make a Friend Day is on February 11th. 

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Ellen Andersen said…
You've moved 20 times? Good heavens! Guess you've had to figure out how to make friends! Meeting someone for tea sounds like a lovely way to do that.

Cathy Baker said…
What a beautiful post (and reminder!) I try to stay alert to ways I can serve a person I want to get to know but rarely do we not eventually meet over a cup of tea at some point. :) Happy Current Friend's Day, Carolyn! (It's celebrated every day)
Carolyn Knefely said…
Yes, with as many moves as my husband's jobs called us to make, I had to find a fun way to make friends. After becoming an active ambassador for Jesus Christ, I found hosting a tea-time after a Bible study was a rewarding way to grow friendships too. Uplifting blessings to you, Ellen.
Carolyn Knefely said…
Cathy, sharing a cup of tea with you has always been a treat. I treasure your friendship. It's been a delight journeying with you on a writer's path. Write on, dear friend, write on!

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