Miss Mattie's First Tea

Mother-daughter teas are my delight.

Miss Mattie was going on three. I had invited her and her mother to join me for tea. Planning a simple menu was easy to do.

Putting out the fine china set from my mother-in-law with the story of Little Red Ridinghood was my pleasure. Long-long ago, I created my motto for life that I live by today,

"People I cherish and things I use."

Miss Mattie's eyes opened so wide when she saw the table sit so pretty. Her "awe" spoke poetry to her mother and me.

Her eyes stayed wide open watching what her mother and I did. She then did it too. The napkin she laid over her lap. "Yes, please," she said like her mommy and me.

However, she used two hands to sip her chilled peach tea from the antique teacup. Miss Mattie was a joy to be hold as she tasted the tiny treats.

Manners weren't taught that day. They were caught.

Mother-daughter teas make meaningful memories. What is your delight?


Cathy Baker said…
I love this post, Carolyn! It reminds me of a tea I gave for my best friend's daughter's twelfth birthday. The next day I asked Stephanie what she most enjoyed about the tea party. Without hesitation, she shouted "Sugar cubes!" Taking tea is always a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the simple (and sweet!) pleasures of life.
Ellen Andersen said…
Very sweet. I can imagine how fun it must've been to see your granddaughter's sweet, innocent reactions to everything that day.
Vonda Skelton said…
Awww, how sweet...you and the cookies and tea, that is! :-)
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful message - "catching" manners and cherishing people. It brings to mind the verse about "training up a child in the way she should go." You are modeling love. How delightful to see!
Thank you for your kind words, ladies.
I look forward to sharing a story about a teatime that we have shared in Christ's uplifting presence.
Reggie Freiner said…
I love this post, Carolyn. As i read I couldn't wait to know how Mattie liked her tea party. Such a wonderful idea to share with my 5 y/o granddaughter. Love, Reggie

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