3 Strangers Coming for Tea

~ Three lovely ladies are coming for tea. All are strangers to me.
~ Tea at two sounded like a good time. the house is shiny and prime.
~ Making the savories and the sweet breads with love is not a dread. Each is mixed with prayer and praise.
~ Who are these leadies God's bringing today? No matter, we're gathering in fellowship, hurray?
~ Lord, come join us as our honored guest. You're always a blessing, please come and stay.
~ We just want to steep in Your presence and sip in Your peace.
~ The ladies may be strangers when we set down at the tea table; but when they rise to go, they will be strangers no more.
~ Thank You, Lord for You joined us in fellowship. Our boasting way in You.
~ We strangers found we had a mutual friend in You. Come join us again.
~ Our hearts and our ears are waiting to hear Your knock at the door. No tea tastes as sweet without Your uplifting presence.
Tea Tip:
When strangers are invited to your tea table offer both a black tea with caffeine and an herbal tea which is caffeine free. My favorite teas to serve first time guests are French Vanilla by Bigelow and Honeybush by Tazo.
May your table always be full of good conversations, filling fellowship, and uplifting blessings.


Cathy Baker said…
Beautiful post, Carolyn. I doubt, however, anyone could ever feel like a stranger in your home. You know how to make everyone feel welcomed. Thank you, friend.
Reggie Freiner said…
This is beautiful, Carolyn. I love it.

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