Seven Self-introductions Tips

I had a dog on a borrowed leash. My heart was pounding louder than my knocks on stranger’s doors.

This risk taking adventure all began with a yell from my husband calling my name from the garage. Then a chuckle came along with a wiggly tail and a long tongue hanging out the left side of a miniature doxie’s mouth. The bow legged dog started dancing at my feet. He charmed me at first glance.

My heart was lost forever when he raised on his back legs and put his front paws together like praying hands. He moved the front paws up and down with such enthusiasm that it looked like he was praising the Lord. I had to pick up the little chap.

After giving the little lost guy water and cold cuts, I started knocking on unknown neighbors doors.

My etiquette training and international protocol tutoring didn’t prepare me for this informal way of meeting neighbors in our community. However, I applied the basics of self introductions.

With a smile and looking to see what color of eyes the person had that opened the door, I told them my name and that I lived at the end of the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the hill. There aren’t too many hills in North Texas, so they knew where I lived. With a quick glance at my prancing partner, I asked if he belonged to them. This let them know why, I was knocking at their door and introducing myself. My mission made me memorable and gave us a topic to talk about that was non-threatening. The neighbors were nice.

As I sipped a cup of tea at the end of the day, I counted three blessings from introducing myself to strangers. First, Jake, the doxie was welcomed back to his home. Second, I made a life-long friendship with a neighbor that I had not met before that risk-taking day. Third, our daughter and her family gave us a doxie of our own.

Toby doesn’t walk on a borrowed leash. However, walking him in a new neighborhood does cause me to talk to strangers because of the way he dances at my feet. They are charmed and come over with a smile and a reason for a self-introduction.

Tips for Self-introductions:
1. Start with a smile.
2. Give full eye contact. Looking for the color of one’s eyes causes’ good eye contact.
3. Clearly and slowly state your name.
4. Identify yourself.
5. Tell the “why” you are there, your objective, or your need.
6. Repeat their name if they give it.
7. Ask a non-threatening question to get conversation started.

Self-introduction is an act of kindness in our personal, professional, and social environments. How enjoyable it would be if you would comment on a time when a self-introduction changed your life or someone else’s life? Or comment on your favorite way to introduce yourself. Uplifting blessings.


Marilyn Shipe said…
Hi Carolyn,

What a neat story and tips! I love introducing myself to strangers who visit my church. I make it my mission to greet at least 1 or 2 each week. I've met some neat people this way, and it breaks the ice for them in a new place and makes them feel at home. Thanks so much!
Lovely blog, Carolyn
Reggie Freiner said…
Several months ago while I was still working part-time, I introduced myself to a very shy new employee. Each time I saw her I would ask her about her day or what she was doing. One day she wasn't having a good day so I probed politely a little further, then asked her if I could pray with her. She was so enthusiastic & said "yes"! She is a spirit-filled Christian, lives alone & had no social life. We have now been friends for mos. & do things together each week. We each have a new good friend w/ a lot of things in common. Introducing yourself to a stranger can truly be an angel & blessing from the Lord & I know God has used me to also enhance her life as well! I loved your story, Carolyn - and great tips! Love, Reggie
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Ladies, you are the Lord's smiles that strangers see when you reach out to them with a simple "hi" or self-introduction. Thank you for your comments and experiences. Uplifting blessings.

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