Almost Homemade

She sounded desperate. Her words were short, “Can I come over and talk?”

Mine was shorter. “Sure.” 

Now was not the time to dust and vacuum, but I could pray while I put a sweet treat together.

Always keep doilies in all sizes on hand. They dress up any dish.

Quickly, I decapitated an angel food cake I’d purchased earlier in the day, cut out a trench in the body of the cake and over-filled the ditch with ready-made chocolate fudge frosting. The Cool Whip was frozen when I forced it from its plastic mold into a glass bowl to nuke for a few seconds. In the meantime,  I looked in the fridge to see what kind of fruit I had on hand. 

I dumped strawberries in a colander and let cold water gush over them. They were on their own while I checked the Cool Whip. Perfect!

With one hand, I turn the waterfall off and grabbed a serving spoon with the other. It didn’t take long to shovel fudge frosting in the circular trench as well as adding extra to cover the top of that portion of the cake. 

With a controlled pause and precision, I placed the decapitated
top of the cake over the chocolate delight. With a few quick swirls
A Simple and Tasty Treat
to fluff up the Cool Whip, the cake top was crowned with a white cloud of cool creaminess. 

The rush wasn’t over yet.  Neither was the cake nor my prayers while I carried on. Splitting a few strawberries in half then placing them around the center opening, they added beautiful color. The final touch was lacing the top with chocolate syrup before circling the quick creation with fresh strawberries. 

In less than 15 minutes, almost homemade treat was on the table along with teacups, dessert plates, flat ware, and pretty paper napkins. 

The dishwasher gobbled up the dirty dishes in a blink. I even had time to smear on lip stick before the doorbell rang. Walking with speed and praying even faster for the Lord to join us, I answered the door.

Easy and quick any time treat from TeaCup Living.

The answered prayers were sweeter than the cake. Her desperate request was satisfied with words of encouragement along with words from the Bible’s pantry of comfort. 
Serving others in need with the best we have on hand is okay. Even store-bought cookies will do when the true treat is a listening friend.  

May you be a blessing as you shine on in your serve. 

Uplifting blessings, 


Cathy Baker said…
I love everything about this post, Carolyn. Your willingness to open your home at a moment's notice, the fact you have a chocolate frosting on hand, and the fact you referred to your angel food cake as decapitated. :) Your heart for Him and for others is truly inspiring!
Ellen Andersen said…
What a wonderful service you did for your friend that day. God used you and will continue to do so. Love the bit about the cake being decapitated. :)
Carolyn Knefely said…
Cathy, chocolate fudge icing is a must have in my pantry. It's a go-to helper when a quick treat is a must. When drop-in friends stop by; I've found putting out a plate of plain cookies and a fancy bowl filled with store bought chocolate fudge icing to dip them in makes for a simple treat that leads to meaningful conversations over a cup of tea.
Aldi's has my favor plain biscuit cookie. A package of those are staples in the pantry too.
Carolyn Knefely said…
Ellen, so glad you liked my sense of humor with the decapitating the angel food cake. I've served angel food cakes with many different fillings and toppings. It just depends on what I have on hand along with how long I have before I need to serve it. Filled with summer peach slices in the cake tunnel is another delight with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Join in the fun with a creative combination of your own this summer. Serve on.

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