Brew a Cup of Serenity

Real men pause in the Word of God. 
To pause over the Word of God with a teacup isn’t for women only.

Often my husband has asked for a cup of tea when a day has been extremely tiring. When he would come home after a long day at work, he wasn’t ready for dinner or a chat. He needed serenity to bring him back to sanity. 

We had our own message about the kind of tea he wanted. He called it the “feel good” tea, because he didn’t like the real name of the tea. 

The real name of the tea was Women’s Liberty tea by Traditional Medicinals. If it’s early in the day, I’ll put an Earl Gray and a Women’s Liberty teabags in a teapot to brew a stout cup of flavor and serenity. 

Next time your man comes home after a hard day battling his responsibilities, pour him a cup of feel good tea and hand him the Word of peace to put him back in the saddle again. 

Uplifting blessings,

The TeaCup Living Lady


Anonymous said…
Will have to pick up the Women's Liberty tea and give it a try - love this encouragement to pause. This is such a powerful image of His peace that we depend and rely on to give us serenity. The pause makes all the difference! You are a gift to us, Carolyn!
Carolyn Knefely said…
Michelle, you'll enjoy Women's Liberty tea. It's tasty. Usually, you'll find it at health food stores. Wish we lived closer so we could do tea now and then.
Shine on!

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