Afternoon Tea at The Cove

The fifth annual Afternoon Tea at The Billy Graham Training Center at  
The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina will take place during the 
Christian Communicators  Conference.                                                          
A fine dining tutorial will proceed this tea event.  

Ladies across the USA, South American and Europe come together to enjoy fellowship and encouragement while gaining insider information in speaking and writing for change. 

If you have a story to tell, a desire for fellowship over teacups, or to polish your communication skills then the 
      Christian Communicators Conference                     may be your life changing treat this year. 

Hope to visit with you over a teacup soon.      

Uplifting blessings,



Cathy Baker said…
What a beautiful idea, Carolyn! I can't imagine anyone I'd rather enjoy a cup of tea with -- speaking of which, we're overdue. :) Have a beautiful week.
Vonda Skelton said…
Carolyn, before CCC, I would never have expected that an afternoon tea would be so much fun. Thanks for bringing such a unique experience to Christian Communicators!
Hope to make the next one. What a lovely time.
Carolyn Knefely said…
Tea time talks flavors fellowship with fun, joy and praise for the Prince of Peace. Yes, we're over do, therefore, when we can do tea it will be a sweet treat.

Miss you.
Carolyn Knefely said…
To me teas are about giving others time, encouragement, and acceptance in Christ's uplifting presence. Therefore, sharing tea time with the ladies who come to the Christian Communicators' Conference to be educated, validated, and launched in their speaking and writing ministries is a fellowship delight that units the ladies.
An afternoon tea is a delightful way to pause in a charming setting with like minded friends.
Serving on!
Carolyn Knefely said…
Cherrilynn, I'm looking forward to the day the Lord makes the way for us to meet.
Your writings, conversations, and prayers have been a blessing like sweet tea on a hot day.
Speak and Write on!

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