A Pleasant Pause

Sitting in solitude
with the Savior,
Steeping in His presence,
Sipping simple tea,
Brings peace
with in me.
Satisfying time with the Redeemer
is an uplifting experience.
Reaching out
in a moment of
solitude, tea, and He
is good for


Cathy Baker said…
I was thrilled to see "Teacup Living" in my inbox!

A beautiful pause indeed. :)
Hi, tea time friend.

With my long to-do list for both the Christian Communicators conference coming up next month and the Go with Vision projects, only a pause with a pray and a cup of tea brought me peace. The peace moved me to pour out these words and share them with my friends.

Remember my tea kettle is always quick to boil when you stop by for a brew.

Uplifting blessings.
Vonda Skelton said…
What a pleasant surprise--seeing Teacup Living up and running again! Beautiful words, beautiful picture of time spent with God. Thank you!
You're my encourager and motivator.
Because of you, I adventure out of my comfort zone.
You are a mighty influencer for me and fellow friends across the nation.
Inspire on!
Daphne Woodall said…
Carolyn though late in responding, it was nice seeing your post. Trust you are doing well. I guess you're heading to ACFW Conference? So many BRMCWC attendees will be there (except me). May you enjoy if you do attend and may you have a wonderful Fall :)

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