Whistle Stop

Life has been a boiling tea kettle.

The kettle seems to be screaming for my attention with loud whistles for me to stop.

House guest for three weeks, emails piled as high as a fireman's extended latter, articles to write and customized programs to create; each a ministry with focused needs. The "doing" needs to be done. It's the "being" that causes me to pour the water into the kettle and turn on the fire.

However, I love the bubbling roar and shieking bluster. Why? Because the rush means to pull the tea kettle away from the flame and pour the hot liquid over awaiting tealeaves in a porcelain tea pot then to pause in the wait while allowing steeping to change my pace.

Teatime takes me out of my routine to pause, to pray, to praise, or just be in Christ's presence. It's a time for me to pour out appreciation to the One who give me strength. Pausing and steeping at His feet brings change in me.

The "doing" will wait for me to get things done. The "being" will renew me while reminding me to live what I teach. The hot water of life and taking time to be in His presence makes for a tasty brew that addes flavor to my serve in what He's called me to do.

When God turns up the fire and my life begings to boil and I begin to be an annoying whistle, I know He's planning to lift me up to pour me out to fill up another cold soul that is before me as a house guest, an email friend, or a guest in the audience. Life can be empty if the tea kettle doesn't whistle for me to stop, steep and be in Christ's uplifting presence.


What causes you to pause when life seems like a boiling tea kettle?


The best tea kettle I have found is an electric one I picked up at CostCo.


Cathy Baker said…
I love this analogy, Carolyn. I need to buy a kettle that whistles. :) For me, I think many times it's music that settles down my soul -- but a good cup of tea to drink while I sing along is the perfect combination. Thanks for sharing!
Vonda Skelton said…
Thank you, Carolyn. It made me think. Then I realized the thing that usually makes me stop is someone needing me.

I loved your comment:
The "being" will renew me while reminding me to live what I teach.

What a great reminder!
Anonymous said…
I usually see the "fire" as something to get through. You see the fire as God preparing you for service. That's an important shift in perspective. Thanks for making me think.
Reggie Freiner said…
Your article caused me to "pause" this morning in my busy life and made me yearn for our Lord's presence in the midst of it all. Thanks for your analogy this morning, Carolyn, it was perfect timing, I needed it. Love, Reggie
Mary Bergfeld said…
I've always found watching the sun rise to be most relaxing. I lose all sense of my own importance and can reflect on the day to come. This is my first visit to your blog, but I plan to return. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time spent here. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary
Welcome, Mary.
I'm glad you stopped by and took a peek. Thanks for encluding your picture. Now, I can invision you as I write a tip or a story or two.

Uplifting blessings...Carolyn

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