Have Teapot ~ Will Serve


The pure white teapot was standing in her regal spot. I had only moments before driving off to co-host a women’s conference.

Should I take her? Dare I take her?

She has been a faithful servant. Her purpose is to fill teacups with the liquid excuse for people to come together and pause in fellowship.

How could I leave her behind when there were women thirsty in learning how to launch their Christian speaking ministry? The regal teapot was ready and willing to serve.

Was I willing to share her? Was I willing to risk losing or breaking her for women I didn’t know? Was I going to take this window of opportunity to share my beloved treasure with unknown sisters?

God gave His best. How could I do anything less?

I grabbed her by the handle. Her top began to chink and dance as I rushed to pack her. On our way the teapot clinked a time or two a cheery tune for being included.

She found a new spot to stand in readiness to serve. In a strange place she stood bright and tall…. as much as a teapot could.

The graceful porcelain served the ladies faithfully during our stay. Her job was accomplished to the fullest without a scratch, a nick or a chip. Regally, she stood on her own field of service to pour out warmth, joy and love to encourage the Lord’s ladies.

After returning home, the pure white teapot stood in her stately spot ready and willing to serve again. Silently she waits to be used as the excuse to bring people together in fellowship over a cup of tea.

Taking my worldly treasure taught me a lesson. There’s bliss in sharing the best.

Serve the LORD with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. ~ Psalm 100:2


Cathy Baker said…
Beautiful picture, Carolyn -- of both the regal tea pot and of how true service in Christ glorifies the Kingdom. Thank you!
Vonda Skelton said…
I hate to tell you, but like it or not, you're a writer! Great post, Carolyn!
Reggie Freiner said…
Wonderful analogy, Carolyn - I love it! Great reminder to give and do our very best!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Carolyn, I needed to hear that!
Caroline Kruithof
Oh, Carolyn! Your writing is beautiful! PLEASE continue to share it! Thank you for risking yourself (and your precious teapot) for us. I am blessed beyond measure by your service to Him. (and to all of us ladies at the conference)
Serve on! Jennifer Johnson, attendee at the Christian Communicators Conference in Seneca, SC, Jan 2011
Lovely teapot and good story too.
Cute post, I hope you get back to blogging! Thanks for the follow too.

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