Tea & His Word


The first sip of the day ~
Warm, soothing and tasty,
My tea pleases me.
Comforting, reasurring and uplifting,
My devotion in God's Word
Grows me.
When I take time to brew
A cup of tea
And sit down to sip in a moment of rest,
Peace over takes me.
When I keep my daily date with the King of Kings
And sit down at His feet,
Love over takes me.
Therefore, I am blessed
With the first sip of the day from the brown brew
And the Word of love
for me and you.
Tea Tip: Use a timer when steeping a cup of tea for a perfect brew.
The general guidelines for setting the timer:
Black teas brew 2-5 minutes.
Blends brew 2-4 minutes.
Green teas 1-2 minutes.
How do you know when to pull the leaves for a pleasant brew? When or where is your preferred spot to pause with a cup of tea? Just click on comments below. Hearing from you is a great excuse to fill up my cup and hear your story. Uplifting blessings.


Cathy Baker said…
Your post encourages me to both "taste and see" that the Lord is good. I have two preferred spots! One spot where I enjoy pausing with a cup of tea is on my love seat perched near the double window. I enjoy observing God's handiwork while I sip from my cup of Earl Grey. But my absolute preferred spot to pause with a cup of tea is across from a dear friend. That's when I marvel at God's handiwork the most. Thanking God tonight for you, Carolyn - and for our friendship.
Pausing almost any place with a special friend does make a cup of tea taste good. Thank you, Cathy for sharing your treasured sipping sanctuaries.
Sharing a cup of tea is a great way to build new friendships. My teakettle is always on the back burnner waiting for a friend like you to stop by to enjoy a cookie or two.
Vonda Skelton said…
Oh, how beautiful, Carolyn! You paint a lovely picture of His love and His love letter to us. :-)
Reggie Freiner said…
My favorite place for my cup of Earl Gray is also with a friend. Thank you Carolyn, for your wonderful description of spending your cup of tea at the feet of Jesus! What a wonderful place.

I also love your steeping tips! Didn't know that! Love, Reggie

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