TeaCup Programs

TeaCup Living is more than a cup of tea. 
There is grace, love, and fellowship
through simple hospitality,
and uplifting outreach
with Christ Jesus.  

Tea events are the excuse to come together for fellowship, food, and fun.
Carolyn's messages are filled with scripture based principles, enriching stories, and immediate applications for building meaningful relationships through simple hospitality.

Scripture base: 2 Corinthians 

More Than A TeaCup
The difference between speaking up and setting in silence is having a visible outline. This fun filled program teaches how a cup and saucer has an incognito outline for sharing the grace of Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture base: 2 Corinthians

Scripture base: Hebrews

Manners Matter in Building Relationships
Confidence comes when we know the guidelines of manners, etiquette, and social graces. Carolyn shares the secrets of how to apply these skills with ease, warmth and friendliness. She reveals creative ways to remember the roadmap to handling any overstuffed dining table and how to avoid faux pas. This tutorial is a refresher for some and an unveiling for others. This favorite program at mother/daughter teas touches upon conversation starters too. With confidence in knowing how to handle one’s surroundings then meaningful conversations brings about deeper connections.  
Scripture base: Hebrews 

Scripture base: 1 and 2 Timothy
Overflowing With Gratitude  
When gratitude is shown then the heart is warmed by the appreciation. How often do our volunteers’ burnout, move on, or wither when they think their faithfulness doesn’t make a difference? Carolyn’s compelling story shows how VBS ladies fed her more than cookies and Kool-Aid which lead her to feed Christ’s sheep in churches, on college campuses, in businesses, in the community, and conferences. As a keynote speaker at volunteer reconnection events, Carolyn energizes and inspires renewed commitment to loyal service in the church and community.

Scripture base: 1 and 2 Timothy 

Scripture base: Galatians 2:20
Rags to Rescued testimony of grace, love, and fellowship when Christ lifted her up from abandonment, abuse, and rejection. She didn't know how to hold a fork until she was seven, yet Christ put her on a path that led her to teach social graces, find dining skills, international protocol as His ambassador, and called to co-found Christian Communicators that educates, validates, and launches women in their Christian speaking ministry. Her story is inspirational and motivational. You'll see God as "Abba" to a rejected child who asked Him to let her be His little girl. Her journey shows the impact of Vacation Bible School teachers as well as other Christian difference makers willing to share the love of God and the Lord Jesus' Gospel story.  

Scripture base: Galatians 2:20, Psalm 37:1-9

Scripture base: Matthew 13:44-45 & 1 Timothy 2:9-10 
Pearls of Blessing come when we look for them and invest in their worthy value by our choice of actions. This interactive presentation inspires attitude adjustments, offering hospitality in all kinds of places, and creating tablescapes out of almost nothing. It's fun and friendly. Some event planners add a fashion show along with the program. 

Scriptures base: Matthew 13:44-45 &            1 Timothy 2:9-10

Scripture Base: 2 Peter 1:2, Psalm 62:8, +
Refuge and Refreshment comes in feasting on the Word of God, pausing in Christ's uplifting presence in prayer, and fellowshipping with believers. This tea-time gathering is full of tea stories that inspire, motivate, and encourage one another. Carolyn shows power pact scriptures that refreshes the soul, renews the spirit, and re-energizes the believer. Expect a sweet time with cheering up over a t.e.a.C.u.p. 

Scripture base: 2 Peter 1:2 , Psalm 62:8, Proverb 11:25, Psalm 19:7

From Brokeness to Restoration Through the Bloodline of Grace:

Seeing God in action by preparing people for full filling His plan of promise, hope, and blessings. This teaching encourages, inspires, and motivates women to see their everyday life is part of God's plan when they trust and obey His ways. Sweeten ladies tea-time that is steeped in scripture, stories, and personal applications. 

Scripture base: Ruth and Nehemiah  

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